The studio

The Corporate Decor + More studio is our space where you can experience the products we offer. Stop by to check out what’s new or to purchase some of our favorite items.

What we’re lovin’:

Marc Kris Modern Homes
Sure, it’s our own company, but we’re loving Marc Kris Modern Homes. We’ve blended our interior design skills with professionally designed and individually built homes. All of which utilize some fabulously unique and quality materials. Check us out at or follow us on Facebook!

This is a must see. Woven vinyl floor mats for the interior or exterior. Amazing designs, texture, and color as well as durable and low maintenance. Check’em out: or stop in to the Studio to experience them firsthand. We know you’ll love it.

Love your mother earth. These all natural cleaning products; hand soaps, lotions and candles are available in in an array of scents derived from plant ingredients and oils — good for you and the environment.