Our team

Kris McVicker, Principal Designer + Owner
Kris McVicker has owned CD+M since 2001 and has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Kris’ passion is to turn your residence into your home — a place that reflects your family’s lifestyle and addresses your current and future needs. Her style ranges from traditional to contemporary, but always maintains their timelessness and edge for years to come. She feels a designer’s value is not limited to providing access to products or materials, but it’s her innate sense of style and vision for the space-that-can-be.

Rita Byers, Designer
Rita has previously worked in the Aspen, CO area and moved back to Iowa in Fall 2010. Her experience ranges from lighting design to residential interior design to kitchen/bath design. Rita’s diverse experience coupled with her passion for design results in fresh, functional spaces.

Jenna Ver Ploeg, Design Assistant
Jenna is a recent graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Interior Design. Formally trained in computer aided drafting, she has skills that assist clients in visualizing their proposed spaces through computerized floor plans and three dimensional renderings. With an eye for seeing the potential in existing interiors, Jenna has a passion for utilizing a space’s potential while creating highly functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors. She believes that each space impacts the mood of everyday occupants and therefore deserves to reflect the client’s individuality.